My stomach isn’t flat enough. My hip bones don’t stick out enough. My thighs aren’t small enough. My ribs aren’t visible enough. My collar bone doesn’t protrude enough. My arms aren’t thin enough. I’m scared I’ll never be “enough.”

and that right there is just complete and utter bullshit. no one should ever feel that way about themselves; and whoever doesn’t consider them as being¬†enough can take their opinion and kindly shove it up their posterior, just sayin’.

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because we all are so :)

because we all are so :)

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I’d actually try to stop you :)

I’d actually try to stop you :)

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Umm, hello there. I have recently seen posts all over tumblr about people who need support from the others.. And I’ve been thinking about making this kind of blog for a while, so I said, why the hell not. I’ve always wanted to be able to help people in one way or another so I’m hoping this could be a good start for it.¬†

So ask away please, I’ll try to respond as soon as I can and help as much as I can :)